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What is this site about?

NativeFamilyResearch.com is a site dedicated to exploring the history and genealogy of Native communities. Here you will find links to resources, articles on sources, history, and research tips as well as examples of research done by others so you can learn from what you see. This site is educational in nature. We neither solicit nor accept research work for hire. If you are looking for someone to perform specific research tasks, we can make some recommendations.


A lifelong student of Native history and culture, Jason Terrell has been doing genealogical research on Southeastern Native American families for over 30 years and has shared his findings through presentations to historical, genealogical, and lineage societies throughout the South for more than a decade. An enrolled member of the Cherokee Nation, he served for five years as the Vice Chairman of the Editorial Board of the Nation’s newspaper, the Cherokee Phoenix. He also served for two years as editor of Ansearchin’ News, the quarterly magazine of the Tennessee Genealogical Society, where he is also a member. He also serves as a member of the Tennessee Chapter of the Trail of Tears Association and the Shelby County (TN) Historical Commission.